Rabbit Claw Care

Rabbits have 18 claws total; 5 on each forepaw, and 4 on each hind paw. Rabbits need their claws trimmed at least once a week, or when needed. It is important to know how to cut the nails correctly, or else you may hurt the rabbit.

To start cutting the nails, you can use some of the below tools. You may use a human nail clipper, or a specially designed rabbit nail clipper.  Rabbit nail clippers can be found at your pet store, or possibly at your local grocery store.

To begin clipping the claws, gently lay the rabbit onto its back, but be sure to have a firm grip. Don’t let the rabbit twist, because that may damage the abdomen area. Once you have a firm hold, you can gently extend the claws and begin cutting.

When cutting the claws, be aware of the quick. The quick is an area of the claw in which blood flows. If the quick is cut, than the rabbit

This is how not to trim: cutting the "quick" can cause bleeding.

will begin to bleed. In a case where the quick is accidentally cut, the bleeding can be stopped using baking soda. Just press a cloth with baking soda onto the punctured claw. For now, I will show the right and safe way to cut a rabbit’s claws.

To the left is a picture of a rabbit claw. Be careful of the quick. Cut on an angle, about 1/8 of an inch away from the quick. That way, the

This is the correct way to trim: on the red line indicated.

claw will be trimmed, not damaged. If you are having trouble seeing the quick (common with rabbits with darker claws), then use a flashlight. If the claw doesn’t get trimmed often, it can have a greater chance of getting caught on something and breaking (causing painful bleeding).

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